Action Items

Here’s what I need to do to get ready to leave. (Listed in no particular order, mostly just as I thought of them.) I will add more items as they occur to me.

Action Item Status Comment Date Complete
Apply for student visa Not started Too soon. (Needs to come after acceptance to program, anyhow. :-)
Hire property management company Not started Probably too soon to start looking.
Apply for PhD program One submitted, one in prep See blog posts.
Build storage space in basement Not started Addition needs to be finished first.
Apply for Social Security survivor’s benefits Not started Too soon
Sell computers Not started Too soon
Buy new laptop Not started Too soon. Will need to do this right before selling current laptop.
Get rid of everything I’m not going to store or take with me. Good progress made. There’s a LOT of stuff, though. I’ve been in this house 27 years!
Decide what to take with me Barely started
Digitize CDs Done! Jan. 2012
Buy airtight containers for clothes, books, etc. Not started The Container Store has one that looks good.
Update will, make list of contact people & other info Thought about
Shred documents I can do without In progress. Always in progress.  Sigh.
Arrange for direct deposit and electronic bills for as many things as possible Not started
Find out how housing works Have looked around a little
Sell car Have one possibility already

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