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A Visit to Newcastle Unitarian

Spending the weekend in Newcastle gave me the opportunity to check out the Unitarian church here and see if it’s the kind of community I would feel comfortable joining. I was very surprised at how few people attended the service this morning — about a dozen. I’m used to seeing some 100-150 people in the congregation, but this congregation is clearly much smaller; they told me that sometimes they have as many as 30 but usually it’s more like 15.

The service this morning was much more theistic than I am used to (conducted by a visiting Quaker), and I felt a little uncomfortable with it. But the people were very nice, and when I talked to them about my concerns they said they have a wide variety of perspectives in their services, and two of them said they were a humanist and a pagan. (Seems there’s also a pagan event conducted in the fellowship hall once a month, and I’ll miss the next one by just a few hours.)

So I think it might be worth trying again.

I feel pretty sure that the Unitarian communities in the London area are more similar to the DC-area ones than is the Newcastle congregation. I wish I could try them out as well, but I’ve made other plans for next Sunday.

Not a deciding factor: Unitarian congregations in Newcastle and Leicester

Both Newcastle and Leicester have Unitarian congregations. I knew about Newcastle, of course, as the building is right next to the Northumbria campus and Gilbert showed it to me when I visited. I’ve just learned about Leicester’s as well.

So this won’t be a factor in my decision. This is good. :)