Northumbria University

This page gives more detail than the summary on the “My Options” page.

  • Location: Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  • Possible topics: TBD
  • Department: Design Research (see also the Centre for Design Research)
  • Advantages:
    • Topic match (more on that later)
    • Faculty (I know Gilbert Cockton fairly well and Mark Blythe slightly, and I’m confident I would enjoy working with them)
  • Disadvantages:
    • Distance from London & friends
    • Lower amount of consulting work available
    • Harder to get to Italy and the USA (although I’m told it’s only an hour from Edinburgh, which has better connections than Newcastle)
  • Fees: For 2011-2012, £10,300.

Some thoughts

Prof. Gilbert Cockton, whom I know from CHI and other places, thinks that one of my topics would be a great match.

The university’s website has lots of helpful information about accommodation.

For some reason, the Centre for Design Research thinks that Flash is still made by Macromedia. Hmmm…

Some links

The Graduate School


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