The best kind of compliment

Last night I received an email from another graduate student doing research in techno-spirituality. This woman is in a different university, in a different country, and in a different area of techno-spirituality — her research involves Islamic applications, mainly for helping elderly people conduct their spiritual and religious practices. She has asked my input from time to time, and now she’s finishing her thesis. She wrote me last night that the alt.chi paper that my supervisor and I published three years ago — “Spirituality – There’s an App for That (but not a lot of research)” was the primary motivation for her study.

It’s a nice feeling of accomplishment to be considered and cited as an expert in my field. I find it far more gratifying, though, to know that my work inspires and motivates others.

I love this work.


About Elizabeth

Northumbria Uni new PhD. Senior User Experience Consultant at Sigma Consulting Solutions ( FRSA. Photographer. UU. American. Renaissance choral singer, language lover, Italian speaker, solo traveler.

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  1. “I love this work”: It looks like everybody else does, too. You are a pioneer in the field.
    Before I was introduced to your subject I never imagined that people with religious and spiritual practices would ever be affected by technology, let alone seek it. I was wrong:

    Throughout history, temples, cathedrals, etc. incorporated the very latest technologies to create effects that enhanced the experience of the devout. Light, colour, sound (live or recorded), communication media such as written text (calligraphy), picture (icons), all used the best technology available and it mattered. Drama required experimentation with acoustics in terms of auditorium shape (e.g. amphitheatre) and texture of the surface (e.g. marble vs. baked earth).

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