A new musical experience

Today I participated in a day of singing Georgian Christmas music from the North of England, in a workshop of the West Gallery Music Association. Mostly from the 18th and 19th Centuries, the pieces we did today were all unfamiliar to me, and with one exception I liked them very much. Interestingly, I liked the earliest and latest ones best. But neither of those is actually Georgian, the earliest being at least as old as 1611 and the latest having been composed by one of our singers (who is also the organist at Newcastle Unitarian Church and is how I learned of this workshop).

I found it strangely (or maybe not so strangely) moving and inspiring to sing music in Northumberland that was, in part, from old Northumberland. It wasn’t ancient enough to predate the history of European America, and it’s possible I’ve sung American music that’s as old as almost all of these, but it was old and rich nonetheless. I will do this again, given half a chance.

I also couldn’t help thinking that the first of November is awfully early to be having Christmas music events. But the UK has no Thanksgiving to start off the festivities.


About Elizabeth

Northumbria Uni new PhD. Senior User Experience Consultant at Sigma Consulting Solutions (WeAreSigma.com). FRSA. Photographer. UU. American. Renaissance choral singer, language lover, Italian speaker, solo traveler.

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