Data collection: The neverending process

My late husband was a very good cook. Born and raised in Italy, he used to say that there was no such thing as too much garlic in a dish — the only way you knew you had enough was you couldn’t stand to cut any more.

(Then Trader Joe’s started carrying frozen crushed garlic cubes, and that blew that heuristic: it was possible to have too much garlic.)

It occurrs to me that it’s the same with data: one always wants more. It’s oh, let me interview this person, or oh, let me interview that person!

I do have a few more interviews to conduct, to get a broader variety of spiritual and religious perspectives in my data. But I keep thinking of more perspectives I’d like to add — and I do have to stop somewhere. Interviews take an amazing amount of time to transcribe — although as I do so I’m already analyzing the data mentally — and I’ve got less than 15 months left of my nominal three years before my thesis is due.

That said, I will continue to interview people until I have captured the important perspectives that I still lack.

And I’m sure I will always wish I had more data.


About Elizabeth

Northumbria Uni PhD student. User researcher and interaction designer. FRSA. Photographer. UU. American. Renaissance choral singer, language lover, Italian speaker, solo traveler.

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