Update: It’s not a fracture

Note: I thought I had posted this already (I wrote it two weeks ago, on the 20th of February), but I have just discovered that it’s still in draft.

It’s an injury to tendons (as I suspected).

I went in for my appointment with the Fracture Clinic this morning, and the specialist told me that neither he nor the radiologist saw a fracture — which is Very Good News. They’re going to make an appointment for me to have an ultrasound scan, and he said something about maybe an MRI. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile I have to treat it gently and avoid doing anything that hurts.


About Elizabeth

Northumbria Uni new PhD. Senior User Experience Consultant at Sigma Consulting Solutions (WeAreSigma.com). FRSA. Photographer. UU. American. Renaissance choral singer, language lover, Italian speaker, solo traveler.

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